I Can't Do This Anymore!

I can't do this anymore!  Have you ever found yourself saying this?  Maybe you've said it multiple times in a day.  Sometimes, it is life in general and sometimes, it is a certain situation or circumstance in your life.  Either way, it's a declaration of desperation or one of giving up.

I'm just like you.  I wake up many days and find myself feeling this way and sometimes even saying out loud.  It's never a good feeling and can often times drain you and leave you paralyzed and in a downcast state.  It can lead you to question your desire to even want to continue living in this old world and dealing with it's boat load of troubles, trials, and tribulations.  I've been there many times and have even been there today.

The good news is...you are not alone in your feeling of desperation.  Many who have gone before you and many who are living around you feel the very same way every day.  Does it change the way you feel? Certainly not.  However, it should comfort you to know that if they have made it through the struggles of life, then you can too.

I'm reminded in Scripture where Paul the Apostle, a passionate follower and servant of Christ, was at this very same point in life.  He had great troubles, of which we don't even fully know or understand, that he referred to as a thorn in the flesh.  Three times he asked God to remove them from his life and three times God said, "NO."  WOW!  That was awful rude of God to respond in such a way.  Okay, not really.  You see, God had already provided everything that Paul would need to make it through the difficulties of this life.  He revealed it to Paul when God simply said, "My GRACE is sufficient for you."  It may sound like a cop out, but it's really more of a revealing of God's character being displayed in the lives of people.  His love and grace are the answer to every difficulty that we will face in this life, just like Paul.

The real question is, will you allow God's love and grace to be everything that you need in this life?  After all, nothing that passes into your life has caught God by surprise.  His grace is more than enough to see you through whatever you are or will face in this life.

Turn to God today and rely on His grace and love to see you through.  Stop declaring negativity over your life that you CAN'T take it anymore and start walking in the victory that was already provided for you at the cross of Calvary through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  With Christ, YOU can do this!  Will you?

By DeWayne Howard
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