Sorry. I don't carry cash.

Sorry. I don't carry cash.  WHAT?  You don't carry cash anymore?  What are you thinking?

Actually, you are not that different from everyone else.  Relax.  It's okay.

Have you ever been in a service at church or a concert and you wanted to give a "love offering" or "contribution" to support the singers, preacher, etc....but you didn't have any cash on you? Oh, and you stopped using checks a long time ago.  Well, it really is okay.  

Now, when you attend a service where we are ministering, they will still receive a love offering to help support our ministry.  However, you now have the option to give via a credit/debit card by coming to our product table and letting us process it for you there.  Also, you can support our ministry through the purchase of our CDs and other ministry related items via credit/debit card.  We will simply scan your card and allow you to sign for your contribution or product purchase. Then we'll send you a receipt through email.  It's that simple!

So, let us go ahead thank you for your support of Transformation Ministries International as we seek to transform lives and impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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